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  • The Phenomenon

    The Phenomenon

    2020 year 100 min 7.9 IMDB
    Peter Coyote
    This documentary examines unidentified aerial phenomenon. With testimony from high-ranking government officials, and NASA Astronauts, Senator Harry Reid says it "makes ...
  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead

    2020 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Nicholas Hoult, Angelina Jolie, Jon Bernthal, Aidan Gillen
    A teenage murder witness finds himself pursued by twin assassins in the Montana wilderness with a survival expert tasked with protecting him -- and a forest fire threat...
  • Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold the Concert

    Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold the Concert

    2020 year 135 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Stevie Nicks
    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame icon Stevie Nicks brings her legendary music to the big screen when Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert comes to select cinemas for two ni...
  • The Empty Man

    The Empty Man

    2020 year 137 min 0.0 IMDB
    James Badge Dale, Stephen Root, Joel Courtney, Marin Ireland
    On the trail of a missing girl, an ex-cop comes across a secretive group attempting to summon a terrifying supernatural entity.
  • Blue Ridge

    Blue Ridge

    2020 year 87 min 4.4 IMDB
    Johnathon Schaech, Sarah Lancaster, Graham Greene, Tonya Bludsworth
    A murder in a sleepy town at the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains shocks the community and refuels a longtime feud between two families.
  • Temenggor


    2020 year 85 min 8.5 IMDB
    Feisal Azizuddin, Iskander Azizuddin, Vanessa Mariam Azizuddin
    An epic tale of love, honour and sacrifice. Set within the mystic jungles of Nusantara in the 8th Century. Temenggor - a vast jungle where tribes seek sanctuary, a land...
  • Turn of the Cheek

    Turn of the Cheek

    2020 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Alphonso Settles, Scott Konkel, Mike T. Tremblay, ShaTyrah Dexter
    Directed by Janaya Black. With Nigel morris, Edward Donaldson, Alphonso Settles, ShaTyrah Dexter.
  • Unhuman Nature

    Unhuman Nature

    2020 year 66 min 3.0 IMDB
    Joseph Wray Barney, Les Best, Annette Duffy, MJ Gazali
    An FBI Agent with a troubled past finds himself on a case that nobody else wanted. Sent to the Pacific Northwest, Agent Raleigh becomes entangled in a deadly game that ...
  • Dino Dana: The Movie

    Dino Dana: The Movie

    2020 year 85 min min 7.6 IMDB
    Michela Luci, Saara Chaudry, Richie Lawrence, Evan Whitten
    Follow Dana Jain, a feisty 10-year-old 'paleontologist in training' who eats, sleeps and breathes dinos, as she tries to solve dino experiment 901-where are all the kid...
  • On the Arm

    On the Arm

    2020 year 151 min 5.1 IMDB
    Mariana Cardenas, Sean Bale, Michael Jacques
    Louis Sareno, a young man born into the Mob, searches for a way out of the only life he's ever known.
  • The Wristwatch

    The Wristwatch

    2020 year 85 min min 3.3 IMDB
    Tonita Castro, Sam Horrigan, Cortney Palm
    Set in Los Angeles, the loneliest city in the world it follows four characters who have lost their faith and are struggling with the gritty challenges of a life filled ...
  • Rebecca


    2020 year 121 min min 5.9 IMDB
    Lily James, Armie Hammer, Keeley Hawes, Kristin Scott Thomas
    A young newlywed arrives at her husband's imposing family estate on a windswept English coast and finds herself battling the shadow of his first wife, Rebecca, whose le...
  • Boy Band

    Boy Band

    2019 year 85 min 6.0 IMDB
    Jerry O'Connell, Gilbert Gottfried, Steve Agee, Dave Allen
    Decades after their last hit, the Heartthrob Boyz find themselves out of time, out of cash, and out of shape as they attempt to finish the album they hope returns them ...
  • Daughter


    2019 year 101 min min 6.8 IMDB
    John Cassini, Teagan Vincze, Jenn MacLean-Angus, Jordyn Ashley Olson
    In the aftermath of his daughter's death, Jim is living a life of isolation and self-destruction until he can no longer hide and must face his tragic past.
  • Death by 1000 Cuts

    Death by 1000 Cuts

    2020 year 104 min 3.8 IMDB
    Every Heart, Erica Solitaire Chappell, Daniel Gilchrist, Art Roberts
    Death by 1000 cuts refers to an ancient method of torture in which numerous small cuts were made on a victim's body. None of the cuts were deadly by themselves, but the...