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  • Evil Intent

    Evil Intent

    2019 year 86 min 4.0 IMDB
    Lyndon Smith, Abbie Cobb, Sean Faris, Griffin Morgan
    A young couple Mira (Abbie Cobb) and Todd (Sean Faris) hire a live-in nurse (Lyndon Smith) to be the caregiver for their sick son, only to discover that she is an "ange...
  • Sins of the Mother

    Sins of the Mother

    2010 year 90 min 6.0 IMDB
    Jill Scott, Nicole Beharie, Katharine Isabelle, Monaeya Silveira
    Shay is a young African-American college student whom is forced to take a year off from school to return to her hometown where she struggles with her anger and insecuri...
  • Friendsgiving


    2020 year 95 min 0.0 IMDB
    Malin Akerman, Kat Dennings, Aisha Tyler
    Molly and Abbey, along with their crew of close friends and acquaintances, host a dysfunctional, comical and chaotic Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Kakegurui


    2019 year 119 min min 6.1 IMDB
    Minami Hamabe, Mahiro Takasugi, Aoi Morikawa, Yurika Nakamura
    Hyakaou Academy is an institute where the academic ranking is based on the pupils' gambling winnings. Yumeko is new to the academy. Her pretty enchantress looks are onl...
  • Kidnapped by a Classmate

    Kidnapped by a Classmate

    2020 year N/A min 4.4 IMDB
    Andrea Bogart, Paige Searcy, Lucas Adams, Parker Thomas
    Brooke is starting over in a new town with her mom and wealthy stepdad when she befriends a new guy she meets at school, which leads to her being abducted from her own ...
  • Killer Dream Home

    Killer Dream Home

    2020 year 91 min min 4.8 IMDB
    Maiara Walsh, Eve Mauro, John DeLuca, Brooke Butler
    When happy couple Jules and Josh buy their dream house on a magnificent estate, they recruit beautiful Morgan to help them with the interior design, unaware Morgan has ...
  • 100 Girls

    100 Girls

    2000 year 94 min 6.0 IMDB
    Jonathan Tucker, Emmanuelle Chriqui, James DeBello, Katherine Heigl
    This sexy, teen-comedy is about a freshman, Matthew, at college who meets his dream girl in a dorm elevator during a blackout. He never sees her face, but instantly fal...
  • Angels with Dirty Faces

    Angels with Dirty Faces

    1938 year 97 min 8.0 IMDB
    James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan
    Two boyhood friends, Rocky Sullivan and Jerry Connolly have taken different paths in life. After Rocky is arrested he is sent to a juvenile facility and becomes a lifel...
  • Off Season

    Off Season

    2001 year 94 min 6.0 IMDB
    Sherilyn Fenn, Hume Cronyn, Bruce Davison, Tom McBeath
    Jackson Mayhew, a 10-year-old boy whose parents died in a tragic accident, moves to Florida to live with his aunt Patty, a bartender and aspiring singer who lives and w...
  • Ambush at Tomahawk Gap

    Ambush at Tomahawk Gap

    1953 year 73 min 6.0 IMDB
    John Hodiak, John Derek, David Brian, María Elena Marqués
    Hodiak, Brian, Derek and Teal have just been released from prison. They return to Tomahawk Gap, now a ghost town, to retrieve the money that they stole and was buried b...
  • Black Test Car

    Black Test Car

    1962 year 95 min 7.0 IMDB
    Jirô Tamiya, Junko Kanô, Eiji Funakoshi, Hideo Takamatsu
    Two car manufacturers spy on each other to try to find out details and prices of a new sports car each is about to launch.
  • Custody


    2016 year 104 min 6.0 IMDB
    Viola Davis, Hayden Panettiere, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Tony Shalhoub
    The lives of three women are unexpectedly changed when they cross paths at a New York Family Court.
  • The Duellists

    The Duellists

    1977 year 100 min 7.0 IMDB
    Keith Carradine, Harvey Keitel, Albert Finney, Edward Fox
    Set during the grand, sweeping Napoleonic age, an officer in the French army insults another officer and sets off a life-long enmity. The two officers, D'Hubert and Fer...
  • Dying to Belong

    Dying to Belong

    1997 year 120 min 6.0 IMDB
    Hilary Swank, Sarah Chalke, Jenna von Oÿ, Laurel Holloman
    When Lisa starts her freshman year of college, everything seems perfect. She has a new job on the university paper, a handsome new boyfriend, Steven, and together with ...
  • The Beckoning Silence

    The Beckoning Silence

    2007 year 73 min 8.0 IMDB
    Roger Schäli, Simon Anthamatten, Andreas Abegglen, Cyrille Berthod
    After a near-death mountain climbing accident, Joe Simpson's injuries were so severe he was told he'd never climb again. His recovery left him to confront the question:...