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  • Shark


    1969 year 92 min 5.0 IMDB
    Burt Reynolds, Arthur Kennedy, Barry Sullivan, Silvia Pinal
    A gunrunner loses his cargo near a small coastal Sudanese town so he's stuck there. When a woman hires him to raid a sunken ship in the shark-infested waters, he sees a...
  • Chop Chop

    Chop Chop

    2020 year 81 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Atala Arce, Jake Taylor, David Harper, Mikael Mattsson
    A night of chaos ensues when a murderous psychopath targets a loving young couple who might be harboring a secret of their own.
  • Rumble Strip

    Rumble Strip

    2019 year N/A min 0.0 IMDB
    Jack Littman, Anna Khaja, Mark Adair-Rios, Richard Azurdia
    When an ex mercenary's love is kidnapped, he must save her from its tyrannical leader, who he was fathered by.
  • 8ight After

    8ight After

    2020 year 98 min 4.1 IMDB
    Deanna Rocca, Vincent Rocca
    After discovering a secret box in the wall of her house, a demonic presence begins terrorizing a YouTuber, at 8 after 1:00am every night.
  • Flying Leathernecks

    Flying Leathernecks

    1951 year 102 min 6.0 IMDB
    John Wayne, Robert Ryan, Don Taylor, Janis Carter
    Major Daniel Kirby takes command of a squadron of Marine fliers just before they are about to go into combat. While the men are well meaning, he finds them undiscipline...
  • Covert One: The Hades Factor

    Covert One: The Hades Factor

    2006 year 160 min 6.0 IMDB
    Stephen Dorff, Mira Sorvino, Blair Underwood, Sophia Myles
    While in a retrieve operation of a virus in Berlin, the Covert One agent Rachel Russell is double-crossed by two dirty agents; she kills them and escapes, trying to fin...
  • Come September

    Come September

    1961 year 112 min 7.0 IMDB
    Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin
    Wealthy industrialist Robert Talbot arrives early for his annual vacation at his luxurious Italian villa to find three problems lying in wait for him. Firstly, his long...
  • Fumo di Londra

    Fumo di Londra

    1966 year 122 min 6.0 IMDB
    Alberto Sordi, Fiona Lewis, Amy Dalby, Alfredo Marchetti
    Dante Fontana is an antique dealer of Perugia, and is infatuated with British culture. But he is always thwarted by his wife and relatives, who see him as a silly dream...
  • Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire

    Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire

    2019 year 85 min 6.0 IMDB
    Gabriel Chytry, Elizabeth Vermilyea, Sam Kazzi, Theodore Bouloukos
    Nine years after the tragic events of Hell House, the Abaddon Hotel will once again be open to the public. Billionaire Russell Wynn has taken his audience-interactive s...
  • Ghabe


    2020 year 100 min min 7.2 IMDB
    Adel Darwish, Nathalie Williamsdotter, Ahmad Fadel, Sara Sommerfeld
    "Ghabe" follows a Syrian refugee during the summer of the 2015 migration as he falls in love with a majestic forest in Sweden and a mysterious local woman living on its...
  • Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

    Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

    2020 year 104 min min 3.5 IMDB
    Danielle Harris, Damien Puckler, Gary Kasper, Jon Campling
    Twenty years ago at the infamous Redwood Farm, the owner went mad and killed his family and himself. Shrouded in urban legend ever since, a stranger obsessed with the u...
  • Expulsion


    2020 year 100 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Lar Park-Lincoln, Colton Tapp, Michael Harrelson, Keith J. Obit
    Beaten by their own curiosity, Scott and Vincent begin to sneak their work home with them. As their days and nights unfold they begin to discover that others seek their...
  • Skydog


    2020 year 109 min min 0.0 IMDB
    Daniel Knudsen, Vickie Lynn Smith, Dean Cain, Rosie Berryer
    After finding out his mother is a CIA agent, a teenage pilot teams up with a new friend and a cute dog to rescue her from a group
  • Ride a Crooked Trail

    Ride a Crooked Trail

    1958 year 88 min 7.0 IMDB
    Audie Murphy, Gia Scala, Walter Matthau, Henry Silva
    After robbing a bank Murphy assumes the identity of his pursuer, a famous US Marshal, when he stumbles into a town and is confronted by the local judge, Matthau. Murphy...
  • Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw

    Napoleon: Life of an Outlaw

    2019 year 62 min 7.0 IMDB
    Napolean, Mike Epps, Hussein Fatal, Freeway
    Mutah Beale, better known as Napoleon of Tupac Shakur's infamous rap group "The Outlawz" goes through an emotional roller coaster since birth. From witnessing his paren...